Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random Thoughts Of Projects

Ahhh I was busy, So I am sure my snoopers are curious to know what am I up to. Anyway, I will start with my Monday Victoria Day.

I cooked this eggplant omellette and beef calderetta early in the morning.

And then, I went to the Garden Store at h-way 50 to look around for some flowers to plant on my frontyard. Then I went for lunch with my girlfriends at Max Restaurant Scarborough. It was fun!!
Then after that, I went home to pick up hubby to buy garden soil and flowers for my frontyard.

The next morning, me and hubby started working on our frontyard, until we realized that we have to buy some more garden soil and flowers and we did it the next day. Hubby started digging the soil and put a new soil on top so I just have to plant it for the next day.
Afternoon of the same day, Tuesday, the other contractor went to measure the backyard and he gave me almost the same price as the first one. So I told him I will call him to confirm everything and so I did. I choose him because it will only take him two days to work on my backyard while the other one will take 4 weeks. I can't wait to start working on my backyard and put many colorful flowers and probably some vegetable plants in one corner. It will take him two weeks to start the construction since he have to get some permit to make everything legal.

Going back to my frontyard, since hubby have to work that night, I plant all the flowers on my frontyard by myself the next morning. Well, I hope all the flowers will grow and make my frontyard look as beautiful. Now that is everything is going on the right places, I am already thinking of buying some cross stitching kit to work with. I am already looking on the internet to know which pattern is available for me to work on. I am pretty excited!!!!! I might order one to two cross stitch kits or probably go to one store on lakeshore to shop around. I still need to finish the two more projects I have inside my house, so I better finish it before I start cross stitching, otherwise I will be stuck not doing these two projects.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Two Project and Gardening Tools

I was so busy. I guess my snoopers are wondering why I haven't updated my blog. Well at least now they know that something is keeping me busy and I am NOT just sitting around being lazy.

I am doing a lot of little projects inside the house, like this bathroom organizer. I have been wanting to buy and put this organizer in my powder room but I was so busy and didn't have the time to do it. I am so happy that I finally was able to do it. But the search to find nice things to put in this organizer is still ON..But NO rush since I have all the time in the workd now so I can do it one at a time. Isn't so nice?

I have two more projects to do. One is to replace the existing sunshade on my Kitchen sliding door and I already purchase the curtain and the curtain rod, and the other one is 2 shelves to put on my basement kitchen which I also have purchased already. However, something is stopping me to finish these two works inside my house, because the weather I getting nicer that it is giving some urge to work on my front yard. So me and hubby already purchased some of the gardening tools.
I might drop buy the gardening store tomorrow at highway 50 and I hope they are open since it's holiday tomorrow after my lunch dates with some girlfriends.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Generous Customer and Projects

Yessss!!! I am finished with all the phonecalls. I just need one to do tomorrow which find a new Landscaper or price comparison. I hope I have the motivation to do that tomorrow morning before my appointment with my customer.

Today was a busy but productive day for me. I am so happy with my new customer. She is very generous!!! Thank God for all the blessings.

Now that I am done with all the phonecalls and documents, I will start shopping and working on some of my project at home like replace the slidding door shade of my kitchen into a simple curtain. So I have to buy a long curtain rod and a new curtain.

Then I will buy a shelves and put it on my basement kitchen to place my wine and liquors and wine glasses. I am also thinking of buying a simple area rugs for my kid's room. I guess I will start my shopping tomorrow or on the weekend so I can start working on it next week.

And then after all these project at home, I might start doing some cross stitching!!! I am so Happy!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mineral Makeup Samples For Delivery

So Yesterday I went to the prospective customer that I said and looks like she is going to be a regular customer. She is so NICE!!!.. God is Good!!

Today is a busy day for me in my kitchen coz, after I cooked breakfast for my kids, I made this Baked Macaroni and Cheease, and 12 packs of embotido. It was my first time to make embotido last night and my kids love it, that's I am made more today. I will prepare these on days that I have no time to cook like tomorrow and Friday.

And then I made these few Mineral Makeup samples that I will deliver today to one Importer who saw my website. I am going to have a meeting with him today and I hope this is going to be a good business deal.
I am planning to drop by to the Himalayan Salt Lamp store that I saw on the internet, if I still have time, after my meeting with the importer. I need to drop my daughter to work at 5pm.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy at My Own Pace

I am busy and tired today, perhaps one reason why I couldn't sleep. I hope this new customer will stay on a regular basis.

I did few phone calls today, like comwave for some issues on my home phone number, statefarm to inform them about my end date at work to lower down my car insurance premium since I am not traveling that far from home to work, and then I finally submitted my Employment Insurance Application online.

Tomorrow is another busy day working at home.

First I am going to clean my BBQ Grill and the BBQ Patio area, then deep clean the second floor. Then cook!!

Then, I have another phone calls to make like, I will search and call few Landscape company for price comparison; Shark Vacuum cleaner to order a set to filter for my vacuum; order few more set of flyers for my business; Shah Financial to create a login account so I can monitor my RRSP; check the payment status of my Blog's domain; submit insurance claim to Manulife; then search and perhaps visit and buy Himalayan Salt Lamp to put in my room and another one on my basement living room.

If I can not do all of these, then I will do some of it tomorrow.

But then, I have to make few samples of Mineral Makeup Foundation to bring on Wednesday to one of my prospective importer customer.

And then late in the afternoon, I will visit one new prospective customer, and I hope that this is going to be another regular customer to fill up my vacant days.

I am loading one dirty laundry and fold few clean clothes I hanged. If I still dont get sleepy I will watch one movie until I get sleepy. Loving this busy life at my own pace.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Deep Cleaning

I just finished cleaning my basement and main floor as usual. I was suppose to do this on Friday morning but we have to attend the CFCFFL conference so I have to do everything now. Good thing that I have all the time and no stress of doing it.

I folded the clean cloths from two days ago, then change the bedsheets and seat covers while I load some dark dirty clothes. Then I vacuum and deep clean the basement bathroom. Then I mopped the floor while the dogs were outside.

On the main floor, I did everything too, like change the seat cover, vacuum the living room sofas and the floors. Then I deep clean my powder room. Then thorough mop the main floors. Love it when my house is clean.

Today is Mother's Day so we are going to have lunch at Wok Of Fame. Then probably spend time with my kids at home. Relax and watch movies. I will sleep early because I have a new client to go tomorrow.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

House Organizing

It was a busy day for me today and yesterday because we have to attend the CFCFFL conference that was held in Scarborough. It was fun praising God and I saw few friends from previous work that I haven't seen for a long time.

Anyway, I am more excited to share few things that I purchased in Home Hardware to organize my house. First is this kitchen Strainer. I threw the old traditional strainer and replaced it with this new strainer which makes my kitchen sink look cleaner and more space to drain and dry.

Then this organizer I put in the cabinet under my kitchen sink to put some cleaner and gives me more space. Love it!!
And then this Flat Iron Hanger that I put on my basement washroom/laundry where I do most of my laundry work.

These are just few of the things I need to do inside my house. I still have more and I am so happy that I have time to do all of these.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Shortest Hair

I've been busy again with so many things. One of which is establishing new customers for regular basis, the rest are my time spend at work and home. It's really hard to do two jobs. If my company is not closing, I will not be as busy as this. Anyway, I can't wait to get out of that place and focus on my personal business. No more double time working like a carabao.

Anyway, yesterday I went for another haircut and this time, it's really short and I love it.

What about you my snoopers? Do you like it? hahhahah!!! I can imagine how they think about my short hair and now, I have it really short. They probably didn't expect that I can pull it off having a short hair. hahhahahah!!!

Well I cut my hair short so I wont be compared and competed to anyone as pretty, beautiful and UGLY. hahhahaha!! I can't be compared and competed to any handsome and ugly dood too, since I am not a real dood... hahhaha!!! So get over it, insecure peepz... I look totally different from you!! We are all different!!