Monday, August 31, 2015

Business Slow Worries

It was not a very busy day for me. Just one customer appointment for one hour. It was suppose to be 2 hours but I have to leave early for my dentist appointment, so it will be on Wednesday that I have to stay for 2 hours for her.

Me and hubby did the weeding on our backyard before I went to my customer. Then me and my daughter, Kelly, went to the dentist for dental cleaning. Then I went home and cooked Fish Salchiado for our dinner tonight.

Then I sliced and marinate the beef with soy sauce and garlic for tomorrows Lunch and Dinner.
I hanged one dark clothes to dry and some dog's dirty rugs.

I also did the deep cleaning of our washroom upstairs.

My business is slow and worries just hunt me. I contacted some of my clients and offer some service for next week since I have a lot of free days next week. I hope I will have some response and hoping for some calls.

I started a new TV Series, "Last Ship" this helps to relieve some of my worries.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

CLR For Cleaning Tiles

It was a busy and tiring day for me today, mostly doing household chores. I woke up early so I went straight to my kitchen to have my breakfast coffee using my new reusable KCup and it's awesome!!! I just love the fact that I can brew my espresso on my Keurig Coffee Maker. It's cheaper!!!

Then I did my regular deep cleaning on my basement. Then most of my time cleaning were spent on the mainfloor, scrubbing the tiles. My tiles looks bright but it needs more scrubbing, so I guess I will be doing this every week as part of my deep cleaning. SIGH!!!

I am using this two long mat on my hallway going to my kitchen to protect my tiles from getting too much dirt.

I didn't realize how dirty my kitchen tiles were, until one of my new customer ask me to help to scrub her tiles. So it was my first time doing it on my own tiles. I used the long scrubber I bought in home depot 2 years ago, using CLR mold and mildew cleaner. I also use my steamer and it is really pretty good too but very time consuming since I have to go down and scrub each tile. So I will be using the long scrubber with CLR every week in scrubbing my tile as part of my deep cleaning.

I like using CLR because it is biodegradable and eco friendly plus, it works really good on my tiles.

I also bought two new small mat for my powder room to protect the tiles from getting too much dirt. I purchased two to use the other one when it gets dirty. Me and hubby attended the 12pm mass, and then me and my family had our late lunch in a Vietnamese Restaurant in Hurontario and Steeles in Mississauga.

I am still thinking what to cook for tomorrow. I guess I will be defrosting the Beef so I can marinate it tomorrow morning in Soy Sauce and Garlic to make TAPA (Filipino Cuisine) the next day

I might do escabeche (Filipino sweet and sour fish)tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Little Organizer

I woke up late again so I was late on my appointment and wasn't able to vacuum my kitchen area. However, I was able to do the laundry and hanged outside to dry and sanitize my kitchen.

After my appointment, I went straight to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy these few little organizers for my kitchen and bathroom and this reusable KCup for my Keurig Coffee Maker using my favorite ground coffee.

I bought new sponge strainer and replace the old one I have because the suction cup is not giving a good grip anymore. I put it on my kitchen in the basement. It should be good there since I don't use the basement kitchen that much.

The pan lid organizer makes my cabinet looks more organize. And the Bath Sponge hanger with a nice special suction cup made my bathroom looks more organize.

Then me and the kids went for grocery. The after putting everything in place, I cooked this delicious Chicken Alfredo Fettucini that my family love.

I need to do the deep cleaning on the whole house which includes changing on bedsheets and sit cover and vacuuming my Living Room sofa set.

I also need to do the weeding on my backyard and frontyard and load on light colored clothes and hanged then outside. I am not sure if I will finish all of these but I will try my best, otherwise, I will leave the second floor and do it some other day this week when I get the chance.

Kids want to eat late lunch in Vietnamese Restaurant... Woooooo busy!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ground Beef with Veggies For Today

I came home before 6pm today, tired!!. But happy to go home with my kids sitting in our living room watching TV. I ate and then cooked this Ground Beef with Veggies. Kelly helped me in cutting the Green Beans and Carrots. I put some shrimp and crab. I cooked this Ground Beef while I was baking the 4 pieces of chicken thigh which I rolled in Italian Seasoning, salt and pepper and a little bit of meat seasoning. My kids love it.

I might not beable to update this blog tomorrow morning because I have to leave early for my Saturday customer, so I am updating it now. I will for sure do the same thing every morning, like tidy up the kitchen area with the family room and then vacuum. If I have the time and mood, I might mop the floor. I will also load one dark dirty clothes to hang outside, which are already inside my washing machine, ready to roll for tomorrow morning.

Gzzz I was suppose to do some weeding on my frontyard and backyard but I was lazy this morning. I wont be able to do that tomorrow morning for sure!!!! SIGH!!! Lazy Ass!!!

Anyway, I watched two episodes of 'The Strain' and ready to go to bed. I will just prepare to defrost the chicken Breast and Bacon for my tomorrow's menu, Chicken Alfredo!!!..

Sun Dried Clothes

Today I woke up late coz I wasn't really feeling well since Wednesday after my Allergy Injection. But I am pretty much feeling well now and I am ready go to my two customers. The other one didn't call so I am only visiting two customers, but I will still leave, and go home late today.

I did one load of dark clothes and hanged it outside. Then I did a quick vacuum on my kitchen area and some busy spot on my living room. My kids went to downtown to do something for their University, so I did a quick tidy up on their bedroom and quick vacuum on the whole second floor of my house.

I just love drying my clothes under the sun. I love how it smells specially my bed sheets. Aside from that, it saves me few bucks on my electricity and gas bills. It just take a little effort.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Update After Long Laziness

It's been so long since I updated this blog. I guess I was busy and most of all lazy and unmotivated. I renewed the domain of this blog because I want to keep something as a reminder of me being a blogger.

Anyway, I will try and I always do my best to update my blog but for some reason sometimes I am just caught up with so many things in life. Oh wee, I have been busy with my life at home taking care of my family which I should but couldn't due to my busy schedule. But now that I am not working full-time on that factory, I am so happy that I have all the time to do all the things that I have been wanting to do. Like gardening, cross stitching, organizing and keeping my house clean and tidy all the time and most of all, cooking for my family.

Oh well, just for an updated, I am busy watching a new TV Series 'The Strain' I hope to finish the first season so I can start the second season soon.

Tomorrow I am going to two clients and still waiting for the other one. If she don't then I will make sure the laundry is done and my house is clean and tidy before I went out. I might do some weeding on my backyard and perhaps on my frontyard.