Monday, August 31, 2015

Business Slow Worries

It was not a very busy day for me. Just one customer appointment for one hour. It was suppose to be 2 hours but I have to leave early for my dentist appointment, so it will be on Wednesday that I have to stay for 2 hours for her.

Me and hubby did the weeding on our backyard before I went to my customer. Then me and my daughter, Kelly, went to the dentist for dental cleaning. Then I went home and cooked Fish Salchiado for our dinner tonight.

Then I sliced and marinate the beef with soy sauce and garlic for tomorrows Lunch and Dinner.
I hanged one dark clothes to dry and some dog's dirty rugs.

I also did the deep cleaning of our washroom upstairs.

My business is slow and worries just hunt me. I contacted some of my clients and offer some service for next week since I have a lot of free days next week. I hope I will have some response and hoping for some calls.

I started a new TV Series, "Last Ship" this helps to relieve some of my worries.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.