Sunday, August 30, 2015

CLR For Cleaning Tiles

It was a busy and tiring day for me today, mostly doing household chores. I woke up early so I went straight to my kitchen to have my breakfast coffee using my new reusable KCup and it's awesome!!! I just love the fact that I can brew my espresso on my Keurig Coffee Maker. It's cheaper!!!

Then I did my regular deep cleaning on my basement. Then most of my time cleaning were spent on the mainfloor, scrubbing the tiles. My tiles looks bright but it needs more scrubbing, so I guess I will be doing this every week as part of my deep cleaning. SIGH!!!

I am using this two long mat on my hallway going to my kitchen to protect my tiles from getting too much dirt.

I didn't realize how dirty my kitchen tiles were, until one of my new customer ask me to help to scrub her tiles. So it was my first time doing it on my own tiles. I used the long scrubber I bought in home depot 2 years ago, using CLR mold and mildew cleaner. I also use my steamer and it is really pretty good too but very time consuming since I have to go down and scrub each tile. So I will be using the long scrubber with CLR every week in scrubbing my tile as part of my deep cleaning.

I like using CLR because it is biodegradable and eco friendly plus, it works really good on my tiles.

I also bought two new small mat for my powder room to protect the tiles from getting too much dirt. I purchased two to use the other one when it gets dirty. Me and hubby attended the 12pm mass, and then me and my family had our late lunch in a Vietnamese Restaurant in Hurontario and Steeles in Mississauga.

I am still thinking what to cook for tomorrow. I guess I will be defrosting the Beef so I can marinate it tomorrow morning in Soy Sauce and Garlic to make TAPA (Filipino Cuisine) the next day

I might do escabeche (Filipino sweet and sour fish)tomorrow afternoon.