Friday, August 28, 2015

Ground Beef with Veggies For Today

I came home before 6pm today, tired!!. But happy to go home with my kids sitting in our living room watching TV. I ate and then cooked this Ground Beef with Veggies. Kelly helped me in cutting the Green Beans and Carrots. I put some shrimp and crab. I cooked this Ground Beef while I was baking the 4 pieces of chicken thigh which I rolled in Italian Seasoning, salt and pepper and a little bit of meat seasoning. My kids love it.

I might not beable to update this blog tomorrow morning because I have to leave early for my Saturday customer, so I am updating it now. I will for sure do the same thing every morning, like tidy up the kitchen area with the family room and then vacuum. If I have the time and mood, I might mop the floor. I will also load one dark dirty clothes to hang outside, which are already inside my washing machine, ready to roll for tomorrow morning.

Gzzz I was suppose to do some weeding on my frontyard and backyard but I was lazy this morning. I wont be able to do that tomorrow morning for sure!!!! SIGH!!! Lazy Ass!!!

Anyway, I watched two episodes of 'The Strain' and ready to go to bed. I will just prepare to defrost the chicken Breast and Bacon for my tomorrow's menu, Chicken Alfredo!!!..