Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Re-organizing For Slow Business

I've been pretty much lazy to update my blog for the last 2 days but I keep track of what is happening to my life by taking pictures to make sure that I can share it here.

Monday was a busy day for me since I went to my two regular customers. Then I went straight to my brother's house to pick up his father in-law to go to Home Depot to look for woods for making two Study Table for my kids. We will go back on Thursday to buy everything he need.

My business is slow this month so I have all the time to re-organize my house particularly my kitchen. So yesterday, I bought few things for my house. This little stainless steel salt dispenser and the glass pitcher (my one was broken so I bought a new one again) that I purchased at Woodbine Mall. And few home decor I bought in Dollarama.

Today, I went to one of my regular customer then I went straight to Home Hardware to buy this Wall Clock that is perfect for the Coffee station that I made using the side table that my brother's father in-law made. Then I bought few place mat at Dollarama to make it look nicer.
I have a call from one new customer and I hope business will go through on Friday.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my Dentist for my Night Guard. Then I have one appointment to one of my regular customers. Then me, my brother and his father in-law will go to Home Depot to buy the things needed for the two study table for my kids.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Side Table And Friends Visit

Uhhhhh, it's been two days but I am ready to update my life heheheh!!!. I was busy I guess and pre-occupied with a lot of things but, I have the time and energy now.

Friday, I was busy with two of my customers and then my brother brought the last wood side table that his Father in-law made for me. I am so happy with how my tiny family room looks after having these two new hand made wood side table. It made this area looks neat.

Then yesterday, few of my former co-workers went to our house for a small get-together BBQ party. It was really good to see all of them and be with them.
Today, me and hubby went to church. I was suppose to pick up my brother's Father in-law so he can measure the study table that my daughters want for their room and then we will go to home depot to look for the materials needed. But the roads were close for the indians feast again. I hate it!!! So I might drop by my brother's house tomorrow and see when can we go to home depot to buy the things needed for the study table.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Celphone Holder, Magnetic Organizer and New Customer

I was a bit busy yesterday with my two customers. After going to my first customer, I have to wait an hour for my second customer appointment so I went to Staples to buy few things I need for home and for my personal use.

First I purchased this Celphone Holder for my car. I am always using the GPS of my celphone specially for new customers so I need this to make my driving easier without the chance of getting caught by a police for using handheld devices. Safer for me and for everyone on the road.

Then I also purchased this magnetic locker organizer to put pens and other little thing on my kitchen area for less clutter. It is use for lockers but I hanged it on my fridge for the clutter around the kitchen/family room area. It makes little things easier to find when we want to use it like pens, eyeglasses etc.

Then I went home with this Chocolate Chips Cupcakes with Peanut Better Icing made by my daughter kimberly. It takes so good...

Today I will go to a new customer. And I hope everything will be good and I can add her up on my list of regular customer.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Burned Actifry

Uhhhh, I didn't noticed that Saturday was my last update. I guess because I was devastated because last Sunday, my brand new T-fal Actifry was broken because of my stupidity. I placed my Actifry on top of the stove and when I was wiping the top of the stove after cooking something, I didn't noticed that when I moved the Actifry, one of the burner was turned on without me noticing it until I smelled something was burning. I looked and my stove was producing a lot of smoke... waaaa I wanted to cry, my Actifry was burned!!!

I wasn't in the mood to blog about it until I got a new one. It was holiday on Monday so everything was closed and I have to wait 'til today to buy this refurbished T-Fal Actifry at Factory Direct which is about $30 cheaper from a brand new one, but I took the risk with one year manufacturer warranty. I have to register online right away and make sure I keep the receipt. It's working just fine.
Today is a quiet relaxing day for me. I went to my doctor for my allergy injection and to get my two daughters a prescription for their orthotics, then went straight to Factory Direct. When I get home, I cook TAPA and friend chicken. It was good.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Italian Style Ground Beef with Kale Today

Two Customers with extra money yesterday. And one customer today.. I am tired...

But even if I am tired today, I went to my brother's house to talk to his father in-law about making a study table for my kids....He will soon make it for my kids. I will just buy the woods at home depot.

Then I went home and cooked this Italian Style Ground Beef with Kale vegetable. I used my Actifry to fry the potatoes before I mixed it with the Ground beef. It's wonderful... My kids love it!!

I feel so tired today. I don't know if it is because I lack sleep last night, or if it is because of my kidney. Well, I am trying to get some rest now while watching the TV Series "Last Ship".

I hanged two loads of clothes to dry, today. It says it will rain for a lot this week so I am taking advantage of the sunshine to dry our clothes outside. I will take a bath later and probably watch more episode before I go to bed.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

T-Fal Actifry For Frying

Oppss! I was busy!!! As always!! But this time, it wasn't my busy life and laziness together, why I was able to update my blog. I wasn't lazy.. I wanted to update my blog but, I was really busy. But anyway, I will try to update my snoopers on what's going on with me for a couple of days.

Tuesday, I went to one of my regular customers and go home straight at home. I have been talking to few people over the phone about my business. All inquires.. I am suppose to go to one, but she cancelled it for some reason.

Yesterday, I went to my two regular customers and then I went home just to eat as I was really tired and hungry. And then I went to Rogers Wireless Store at Woodbine Mall pick up the new Internet Modem, as we are having a lot of internet connection problem... Now we are all happy again!!

Today I went to one customer in Mississauga. It wasn't a big deal. I thought I was going to be busy but then as I've said, one new prospective customer cancelled my appointment. Good thing, I went home first to get my things, and text her before I go to her house. Gzzzzz!!!

Since I wasn't busy and have time for things I need for my housewife life, I went to Costco to buy this T-Fal Actifry that I have been wanting to buy, to help me in frying. It is an awesome kitchen appliance that anyone should have. I cooked my meatballs without oil and no messy oil to clean on my kitchen. I am so excited!!!
Just one spoon of oil to make crispy French Fries. No messy oil spill all over my kitchen when frying fish or chicken.. I am so happy!!