Thursday, September 10, 2015

Celphone Holder, Magnetic Organizer and New Customer

I was a bit busy yesterday with my two customers. After going to my first customer, I have to wait an hour for my second customer appointment so I went to Staples to buy few things I need for home and for my personal use.

First I purchased this Celphone Holder for my car. I am always using the GPS of my celphone specially for new customers so I need this to make my driving easier without the chance of getting caught by a police for using handheld devices. Safer for me and for everyone on the road.

Then I also purchased this magnetic locker organizer to put pens and other little thing on my kitchen area for less clutter. It is use for lockers but I hanged it on my fridge for the clutter around the kitchen/family room area. It makes little things easier to find when we want to use it like pens, eyeglasses etc.

Then I went home with this Chocolate Chips Cupcakes with Peanut Better Icing made by my daughter kimberly. It takes so good...

Today I will go to a new customer. And I hope everything will be good and I can add her up on my list of regular customer.