Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Re-organizing For Slow Business

I've been pretty much lazy to update my blog for the last 2 days but I keep track of what is happening to my life by taking pictures to make sure that I can share it here.

Monday was a busy day for me since I went to my two regular customers. Then I went straight to my brother's house to pick up his father in-law to go to Home Depot to look for woods for making two Study Table for my kids. We will go back on Thursday to buy everything he need.

My business is slow this month so I have all the time to re-organize my house particularly my kitchen. So yesterday, I bought few things for my house. This little stainless steel salt dispenser and the glass pitcher (my one was broken so I bought a new one again) that I purchased at Woodbine Mall. And few home decor I bought in Dollarama.

Today, I went to one of my regular customer then I went straight to Home Hardware to buy this Wall Clock that is perfect for the Coffee station that I made using the side table that my brother's father in-law made. Then I bought few place mat at Dollarama to make it look nicer.
I have a call from one new customer and I hope business will go through on Friday.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my Dentist for my Night Guard. Then I have one appointment to one of my regular customers. Then me, my brother and his father in-law will go to Home Depot to buy the things needed for the two study table for my kids.