Saturday, September 5, 2015

Italian Style Ground Beef with Kale Today

Two Customers with extra money yesterday. And one customer today.. I am tired...

But even if I am tired today, I went to my brother's house to talk to his father in-law about making a study table for my kids....He will soon make it for my kids. I will just buy the woods at home depot.

Then I went home and cooked this Italian Style Ground Beef with Kale vegetable. I used my Actifry to fry the potatoes before I mixed it with the Ground beef. It's wonderful... My kids love it!!

I feel so tired today. I don't know if it is because I lack sleep last night, or if it is because of my kidney. Well, I am trying to get some rest now while watching the TV Series "Last Ship".

I hanged two loads of clothes to dry, today. It says it will rain for a lot this week so I am taking advantage of the sunshine to dry our clothes outside. I will take a bath later and probably watch more episode before I go to bed.