Sunday, September 13, 2015

Side Table And Friends Visit

Uhhhhh, it's been two days but I am ready to update my life heheheh!!!. I was busy I guess and pre-occupied with a lot of things but, I have the time and energy now.

Friday, I was busy with two of my customers and then my brother brought the last wood side table that his Father in-law made for me. I am so happy with how my tiny family room looks after having these two new hand made wood side table. It made this area looks neat.

Then yesterday, few of my former co-workers went to our house for a small get-together BBQ party. It was really good to see all of them and be with them.
Today, me and hubby went to church. I was suppose to pick up my brother's Father in-law so he can measure the study table that my daughters want for their room and then we will go to home depot to look for the materials needed. But the roads were close for the indians feast again. I hate it!!! So I might drop by my brother's house tomorrow and see when can we go to home depot to buy the things needed for the study table.