Thursday, September 3, 2015

T-Fal Actifry For Frying

Oppss! I was busy!!! As always!! But this time, it wasn't my busy life and laziness together, why I was able to update my blog. I wasn't lazy.. I wanted to update my blog but, I was really busy. But anyway, I will try to update my snoopers on what's going on with me for a couple of days.

Tuesday, I went to one of my regular customers and go home straight at home. I have been talking to few people over the phone about my business. All inquires.. I am suppose to go to one, but she cancelled it for some reason.

Yesterday, I went to my two regular customers and then I went home just to eat as I was really tired and hungry. And then I went to Rogers Wireless Store at Woodbine Mall pick up the new Internet Modem, as we are having a lot of internet connection problem... Now we are all happy again!!

Today I went to one customer in Mississauga. It wasn't a big deal. I thought I was going to be busy but then as I've said, one new prospective customer cancelled my appointment. Good thing, I went home first to get my things, and text her before I go to her house. Gzzzzz!!!

Since I wasn't busy and have time for things I need for my housewife life, I went to Costco to buy this T-Fal Actifry that I have been wanting to buy, to help me in frying. It is an awesome kitchen appliance that anyone should have. I cooked my meatballs without oil and no messy oil to clean on my kitchen. I am so excited!!!
Just one spoon of oil to make crispy French Fries. No messy oil spill all over my kitchen when frying fish or chicken.. I am so happy!!